Most families today have to make ends meet by both adults having to work. The best scenario for this is for one to work full-time, while the other works part-time. But, if you are a mum, then you know that finding the time to work a part-time job can be quite a chore. The biggest enemy of a busy mom is time. Trying to juggle keeping the house clean, preparing meals, getting kids ready for school, shuttling people back and forth to soccer, ballet, and other extra activities can be a full-time job in itself. How does a busy mom find a part-time job?

A part-time job isn’t something where you have to grab the first one that presents itself. For busy moms, that would just turn into a nightmare. Scheduling conflicts leading to missed time at work would eventually add up and either cause you to be fired or you having to cut back on home related activities. Some industries, and employment opportunities, are almost tailor made for busy moms. Here’s just a few.

1. Substitute Teacher

In most states you don’t need any type of certification to be a substitute teacher. Other places might require a certification course or maybe some college credits. However, offering your time to fill in at your local school when the regular teacher can’t make it will help you earn extra income while still being available for before and after school events.

2. Temp Worker

When a company needs temporary help – if someone went on maternity leave, is on extended sick leave, on vacation, or for a temporary project – they will seek out the services of a temporary worker. A busy mum could take on this temporary position to help out with finances, while knowing the job isn’t permanent so slight changes in family schedule won’t be long lasting.

3. Freelancing Opportunities

Something that can be done at home would be ideal for a busy mum. Freelancing is a great way to both set your own hours, work on projects you want, and still provide financially. Writing, taking photos, capturing videos, interior designing, and a host of other similar jobs can be done on a freelance basis.

4. Virtual Assistant

Another great part-time job, and a way to stay at home, is to find work as a virtual assistant. Basically, this job requires you to be connected to an internet connected computer and a phone. You help others answer phone calls, emails, and other administrative tasks. This is quickly becoming on of the largest part-time jobs for moms for a good reason. It is in high demand and moms can do it in their spare time.

A part-time job is something that not only adds to a family’s finances, but also gives a busy mum some semblance of identity. Find your next part-time job in the above fields or check your local newspaper for something that is flexible for a busy mum.