Finding work today is tough for anyone. Recent college graduates are walking into a depressed economy with some of the highest unemployment rates seen in decades. What can you do to help yourself in finding a job as a recent graduate?

Tips For Landing A Graduate Job

1. Start an internship while still in school.

An internship is a great starting place for working in your chosen field. Many companies will look inside their own workforce before seeking outside help. There are several ways to land an internship.

Ask your teacher. Many companies contact teachers and colleges for available students.

Network with friends and people you know in your major.

Go straight to the company itself.

Get listed with an online job board.

2. Attend job fairs.

Many companies will send recruiters to job fairs throughout the country to help take applications, and hold interviews, for promising candidates. Make it a point to attend those that are close to your school, and if you can, a few that are across country. You never know what connection you’ll make, or what opportunity will present itself.

3. Be aggressive in promoting resume on online job boards.

The Internet has made a huge impact in people trying to find graduate jobs. The trick to success with an online job board such as is to be aggressive in promoting your resume. Don’t hold back from applying to various jobs. Sometimes the person reading your resume will see your potential in another area and contact you about that.

4. Attend company presentations.

At times throughout the year, several companies will take the time to visit a university, or college, and present information about their company, what they do, what they can provide employees, and how you can be a part of it. Being present at these (with resume in hand) can lead to a job after graduation.

5. Look outside your local area.

Many times college graduates want to either locate themselves back in their hometown or in the place where they went to college. Expand your search for work to include a wider range of area. Check out newspapers, classified, and trade magazines from other parts of the country. When you find something interesting send them a resume. Opportunities are always available if you are willing to look.

Despite the growing unemployment rate, there is still a great opportunity to find graduate jobs.